3 Essential Wedding Dress Shopping Tricks

The first thing a woman wants to check off the list of her wedding preparations is her dress. Chances are she already ventured in some stores since her engagement but if you want to get the best deal for your money, you better act on these tips

3 Essential Wedding Dress Shopping Tricks

  • Tricky Veil

You should know, the sales associate will do everything in their power to get you to try the veil once you are in your dream dress. This is because they want you to pull off the complete look. This all sounds sweet and warm, you might believe that the sales person care for you but the truth is far complex than that. The trick is, once they get you to try the whole look, you will more likely buy the dress.

  • The Designer Dilemma

Consider you found the ideal dress for your wedding online or in a magazine, and you want to get your hands on it. You head to the nearest store that has this item, and to your surprise it’s not in stock anymore. Well don’t worry, instead you need to do your homework. If a store is carrying the designer but not an exact article, they can get the thing shipped in. So don’t let them say no and make you buy something else.

3 Essential Wedding Dress Shopping Tricks 2

  • A Good Bargain

You shouldn’t take the price tag at face value. Markup is a real thing, and they are set high. If a dress costs $500 in wholesale, then it will be price at least $1200 in the store. If you want to save money on your wedding dress, you can skip the high end store and go to a local rival. Tell them you were earlier there and saw something that got your attention. Describe how it looks and you may as well get it.