4 Dressing Tips from Leading Celebrity Style Artists

We look up to our favorite celebs for how they inspire us, including their style. They create a statement, something that inspires change in us. If you are looking forward to such change, we have some tips from leading Celebrity Style artists around Hollywood.

The Perfect Fit

This piece of advice comes from Elizabeth Stewart. She is notorious for suiting up celebs like Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Chastain, and Amanda Seyfried. According to her, if you want to win hears, you best tailor everything according to your perfect fit. You have to pay attention to hem length and armholes. Don’t skip the small details as it can ruin your dress-up.

4 Dressing Tips from Leading Celebrity Style Artists

Embrace Your Shape

Mariel Haaen and Rob Zangardi are a Celebrity Style duo who has suited up Leading Ladies with the likes of Rachael McAdams, Jennifer Lopez, and Cara Delavigne. They quote, “Wear shape wear, it’s not important how much you are in shape, all body types can benefit from a bit of help from their clothes. The truth is, Models wear Spanx as it helps them to smooth out bumps and let the materials slip on.  A Good shape wear can help you smoothen your tummy, hip and thighs. It’s worth getting the extra help”.

Prepare Yourself

Karla Welch is known for styling Cindy Crawford, Olivia Wilde and Lorde. According to her, these day nobody cares if you have a visible panty line. There are many products out there that helps you prevent them. It is important that you invest in good underwear.

Make Your Own Statement

Jordan Johnson and Jill Lincoln are a Celebrity Style duo who has dressed Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Lawrence for the red carpet. Although, they are not the first ones who say you need to create your own style statement, but they keep it brief. They say, find your uniform, learn what styles and shape make you feel and look best. Once you do it, you have to find different versions of the same pieces. Be creative and accessorize.