4 Quick Tips for a Photogenic Look

Today we live in a highly photographed world. We don’t have control over our selfie addiction, therefore you have to prep yourself. Following, we are sharing some clever secrets that will help you to achieve a more photogenic look. These quick tips can help save yourself from cringe worthy snaps.

4 Quick Tips for a Photogenic Look

  • Prep Your Skin

You need to prepare your skin for Makeup. The fact is, hydrated skin helps for an easy foundation. This means that you don’t have to deal with even streaks or creasing when it wears off. You need to wash your face and slap on a sheet mask for 10-15 minutes as you get ready. When you apply a goo layer of regular moisturizer, and let it sink for a while before you move on.

  • Match the Foundation

When you want a perfect look, you have to be careful with your foundation. Make sure it’s an exact match. If your hue is too pale, you will appear creepy when the flash hits. So you need something light to medium coverage. If you are prone to the unwanted shine, you need to use some translucent powder on your t-zone before you head out.

  • Be Careful with the Concealer

A clever Makeup tip, sometimes multiple layers of concealer fails to hide acne from camera. This may just bring even more attention. Therefore you have to use your ring finger to gently tap some concealer that matches the skin tone and stop worrying about it.

4 Quick Tips for a Photogenic Look 2

  • Know What You Are Doing

The secret to photogenic skin is lighting. Fake the effects of flattering light by dapping some pearly shadow or highlighter on top of your cheekbones, down bridge of nose, and inner corners of eyes. You have to be light handed with the application as shimmer can easily be seen in some photos.