5 Genius Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

Makeup is all about experiment, but that doesn’t mean you should do it every time, especially when you need your game face on. For this, we are giving you a few genius Makeup tips that will help you make the most out of your look.

5 Genius Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

  • Mix Skin with Foundation

You have to mix one pump of hydrating serum with a pump of liquid foundation and blend it from middle of your face. This will help you get even skin without a hitch.

  • Use Highlighter for Troubling Spots

You are well aware that dab of highlighter can make your cheekbones perfect. But the real magic happens you use a small dot of it under lower lash lines. The light reflective will draw attention to center of your eyes, which makes the whole area brighter. A genius makeup trick!

  • Use Concealer in Troubling Spots

After you have tacked the under eye shadows, you better add concealer around your nose and mouth. This will help you get rid of redness and discoloration. This small trick can make a lot of difference

  • Right Swipe Your Lipstick

Mascara makes your eyes wide, and attractive, the same holds true for lipstick. Using it helps you to pull the whole thing right together.  Using soft pink can brighten things when you need some help.

5 Genius Makeup Tricks You Need to Know 2

  • Use Your Mascara Wisely

The thing with your Makeup is you have to use everything smartly. You better skip smoky eyes, or save them for your nights out. Don’t use them for day time, instead you can depend on a sweep of natural shadow and a flick of your liner.

Its smart, and saves your time, but don’t skip your mascara. It helps for more wide eyed and awake look. You need to run it over your lashes before applying underside for a dark and fringy look.