Wreath of yellow lilies

What Do Yellow Lilies Symbolize?

The use of flowers as symbols or nicknames often contains meanings that can represent a group or individual. Historically, the use of symbols aimed to give a passage to receipts or represent the identities. Lilies are one of the flowers that are always associated with several objects. For example, do you know ‘fleur-de-lis’? This symbol […]

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Baby’s Breath Flowers

Do Baby’s Breath Flowers Die?

Baby’s Breath belongs to Gypsophila, a flowering plant genus belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family. Most people are familiar with the popular Baby’s Breath flowers, or Gypsophila paniculata. They use the delicate white blossoms of the Baby’s Breath plant, both fresh or dried, to fill in around bigger blooms in everything from wedding bouquets to cut […]

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