Infuse Your Life with Fashion

When it comes to fashion, most of us imagine paper thin super models walking down a run way surrounded by strobe lights and wearing retro futurist metallic and angular dresses beset on all sides by spectators, photographers, and a bassy techno song. However, fashion is so much more, and simultaneously so much less, than this otherworldly spectacle. Fashion is often conflated with “high fashion,” as described above, but fashion is more of a school of thought than any one thing. As such, fashion is applicable in a variety of situations you might not otherwise notice. Here are just a few ways to infuse your life with a little more fashion awareness.

First and foremost, know that how any and all of your possessions look is subject to the rules of fashion. For example, when we think of car maintenance, we all think of a trip to Advance Auto Parts, or a local garage, and that’s not wrong, per se, but I would argue it’s an incomplete picture. Instead of this cut and dry, no frills approach to car maintenance is certainly practical, but it reeks of a missed opportunity. You can do a number of things to transform your car into its ideal form with a number of cosmetic customization options. For example, trying out a new paint job can transform your car from “I like this color” to “oh my god, I love this color!” There are also a number of accessories to round out your dream car. You can try using decorative seat covers, for example, to really make a statement with your car’s interior.

Another way to infuse your life with fashion is interior design. Interior design is, in essence, fashion for your home. It accomplishes the same goal of expressing yourself in a cosmetic way, it just uses different methods and applies to a different “canvas.” And, in both cases, you are expressing yourself. After all, why shouldn’t your home be a reflection of your own self? Much like the above example, you can start with repainting your walls. Many homes have white walls when you first move in, but why not try a more colorful and diverse palette? You can also redecorate to complete your home’s unique look. Don’t be afraid to spend a pretty penny on decor from Home Decorators Collection. Your dream home, like your dream car, and your dream outfit, is worth the cost and the effort.