Throwing the Best Birthday Party

Birthday parties are super fun, but they can get pricey. While it’s easier to visit the zoo or an arcade for a birthday, it’s also more expensive than having a party at home. Read below for a few ideas on a fun, inexpensive birthday party at your very own house!

One way to keep costs down is to skip a birthday party altogether. If your child will be too young to remember their birthday, you can just do something as a family instead of a full on party. Go out for picnic on their special day, or bake a small cake for you and your spouse to share. Even a cheap and simple celebration can still be fun and memorable.


If you do need to throw a party, try making the guest list small. You won’t need to get as many party favors or treats for fewer people. You also won’t have to deal with expectations of a large, pricey gathering with less guests. Basically, the less people involved, the less there is to pay for.

Another way to keep costs low is to get decorations and party favors for cheap. Check for discounts on party supplies at stores near you, and avoid shopping at stores that specialize in parties. Often these stores have a markup on their product, but you can get similar items at dollar stores or your grocery store. Get the cheaper items at generic places to save money.

However you do your party, you will want to send out invitations. Basic Invite has a bunch of custom party invitations  at great prices. You can get the perfect invites at prices that won’t break the bank. Take a look at their cards!

I hope your birthday party is both cheap and fun. Enjoy the party, and happy birthday to you or your loved one!