Top-Rated Book Clubs In Dubai

It is said that when you crave for good literature, there is nothing that can stop you from searching for it. Bibliophiles look for the book stores and clubs before visiting any place. Reading good literature can change your mindset, also your mood. In Dubai, where it fulfils the need of almost everybody, how can it leave the bibliophiles behind? Several bookstores with an extensive collection of books are available in the book stores of Dubai. People from all over Dubai, especially, from Port De La Mer Dubai and Downtown city are observed to show more interest in the books.

Books clubs are made for these literature lovers to provide them with a great environment to discuss ideas and different perspectives on a variety of topics. In this city, you will encounter people of different nationalities, with a different perspective for life and the world, here you can get a chance to know about it.

Top-Rated Book Clubs In Dubai

The moment before you join the club, it is important to look for the genre of the books, people in the club, and size of the clubs. The clubs in Dubai mostly use the voting process for the selection of the book, so you can cast a vote for the book you are wanting to read. Most of the book clubs have registered on, to give an idea about composition and types of the book online.

let’s have a look at some of the best book clubs in Dubai


This book club of Dubai is huge, having over five hundred members. The previous name of this club was The Dubai Mall Club located on the Dubai Mall. You can explore different locations in the club to meet different people including the huge Dubai Mall.

Safar Dubai is always open to the newcomers and long-term residents of this city. The meeting days are on the first Monday of the month and the third Wednesday of the month. The website of this book club offers a discussion portal for its users to select the book through the voting process. The members are asked about their interest and genre of the book at the time of registration.


If you are a fan of reading modern fiction stories among people with similar interest in a comfortable elegant cafe, then Dubai Bibliophile is the right club for you, as it meets all the requirements of a fiction lover. The meeting days are on Sunday at 7 pm at Book Munch Cafe.

The club has the freedom of choosing any book they want through a voting process. It is requested to discuss everything in English so that everybody can understand the nature of the discussion. The membership fee for the club is around AED 30. It welcomes all the people, male or female, interested in discussing and taking part in discussions.

The Dubai Munch Cafe hosts different events for the book clubs like Dubai Bibliophiles. It may include the reading of babies or children books in many languages other than English too.  If you prefer to read the books outside on a picnic or something, then there is an option for you to take away those books with the free complimentary passes to Safa Park.


The reason for this unique name has a reason behind it, this club tweets its members actively. This book club has a variety of interests in the books including fiction, romance, and philosophy,  as the goal here is to read whatever you like. The voting process is just for the suggestion but the members are always free to read whatever they want.

The meeting days for the meetings are on the third Saturday of each month from 11 am to 2 pm. The core of the reason behind the Twitbook Club is to spread the love for reading. They believe in the reading of no matter what, so if you are reading some book other than the list, then you should tweet about it so that others might be interested and read it too.

People have different hobbies, and reading is one of them. There are almost people from every country in Dubai with different interests in literature. There are people with their own libraries in their villas and palaces, some people living in the District One Villas Dubai have been witnessed with their own huge library in their homes. Where Dubai has been catering to people with entertainment and other needs, also been serving the bibliophiles quite well. If you are a fan of reading, then you should join some club mentioned above to enhance your skills.