What’s Your Zodiac Birthstone?

Historically, birthstones have been associated with different months. The earliest mention of a gemstone in a month comes from the biblical book of Exodus. In the breastplate of the prophet Aaron, twelve colored stones were attached to it. These stones were associated with the 12 tribes of Israel and the zodiac signs. The use of birthstones as a symbol of personal power became widespread in the ancient world. In the early 1900s, the National Association of Jewelers officially recognized the twelve birthstones for each month.

Zodiac Birthstone

Birthstones are also popular as gifts. The stone associated with March is aquamarine. This blue variety of the beryl mineral is available in a wide range of colors and saturations. The purest blue is known as aquamarine, but light-colored stones are more common. For the sake of affordability, aquamarines are also popular and less expensive than diamonds.

The name garnet derives from the Greek word opallios, which means “to change color”. The gemstone was formed when water picked up silica dioxide and deposited it into cavities. As the water evaporates, the stone is left behind. Most opal is found in Australia. Seasonal rains leach the mineral into cracks and cavities. If you want to buy opal for someone special, it’s a good idea to purchase a pendant that contains the stone.

Sapphire is the birthstone for January. The stone symbolizes passionate friendship, loyalty, and vitality. It comes in redish-brown, but there are many other hues as well. While garnet is not a single mineral, it is a group of minerals. The word garnet comes from the Latin “Granatum”, which means seed. The stone resembles the seeds of a pomegranate. For more information, see birthstones by month.

Turquoise is an opaque to semi-translucent gemstone. It is a light pastel blue or grassy green color and is derived from the Turkish stone. Its healing powers have been attributed to the blue or green turquoise found in Turkey. Wearing a stone in the month of your birth is believed to bring you good luck and protection. While wearing a birthstone is an excellent idea, it’s not always the right choice for everyone.

The May birthstone is the emerald. This stone is the world’s most popular green gemstone. Its color ranges from yellow-orange to pure green, and it’s widely used in men’s jewelry. If you want to give a gift that reflects your personality, try garnet. It is perfect for a ring or a necklace. Among the birthstones, emerald is considered to represent purity and faithfulness.

The birthstone for January is the garnet. The term garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, which means “seed.” The gemstone’s red color is said to be a sign of purity and protection. The April birthstone is the emerald. As for June, its two birthstones are pearl and opal. The emerald has been a popular choice for jewelry in the past since the fourteenth century.