How Often Should a Man Update His Wardrobe?

As a man, you might not think very much about your wardrobe. As long as things fit and don’t have any holes, you might think you are all set. This is totally fine, but it can be important to update items as they wear out, or if you like being up on the latest trends, you will want to update your wardrobe every once in a while. How often should you update your wardrobe, though? Some people update their wardrobes every month, season, and even every year! Let’s talk more about the things you need to consider as you decide how much to update and how often to update your wardrobe.


How Often Do You Buy New Clothes?

The first thing to think about is how often you have bought new clothes in the past. Do you buy something new monthly, every season, or maybe you go years without adding new items to your closet? Once you answer this question, you’ll be able to determine what has worked for you in the past. Use this and decide if you like your wardrobe updating process or if you want to change it a bit.

Study New Styles Each Year

If you’re leaning more toward updating your wardrobe yearly or by season, you’ll need to do some research. Pay close attention to how much styles change or stay the same. Then think about if it’s worth it to get rid of older items and buy a few new ones. There may be instances where you don’t like the new trends or your clothes look similar enough that you might not need an update.

Go Through Your Closet Carefully

Look and see if you have items that were out of style that have come back in before you buy anything new.  If you are going to be updating your wardrobe, make sure to donate items that you seldom use to make room so your closet does not end up being a disaster. Also be sure to hold on to wardrobe staples such as suits, button-ups, and tees. They never go out of style and shouldn’t be tossed unless they are worn out.

Do Not Get Rid of Items If You Like Them

Just because an article of clothing is not in style according to the fashion world doesn’t mean you need to chuck it. Don’t get rid of clothing you love and wear often. You’ll seriously regret it. Also, if you hold on to items long enough, they always seem to come back into style again eventually.

So, the short answer is that it is really up to you how often you need to update your wardrobe. It’s good to pick a few new pieces of clothing as you need them, or maybe each season just to mix it up and refresh. One piece that you can add to your wardrobe that will work in all seasons is a Lizard Tail Belt. They come in a wide variety of colors, use knotless technology, and most importantly, that are easily adjustable. So, they’ll last for a very long time!