What is Morganite and Why is it so Fashionable in 2021?

Maybe shopping for engagement rings and thinking diamonds isn’t for you? Very good! While traditionalists may hold diamonds, there isn’t a set of rules that says you have to follow them. If you want something unique, consider a morganite engagement ring, a pale pink stone that turns ring buyers into gaga.

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Don’t you believe us? This is why you must love morganite engagement rings now.

What is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink gemstone that is closely related to emerald and aquamarine. It is a mineral that contains both. This rare stone varies in pink color from pale red, pink, peach to salmon. The most common and popular stones’ are often the lighter color of the family, but deeper color can be more valuable. Morganite is often heat-treated to improve its color, which removes the yellow or orange hue these stones sometimes wear. It gives you a pink tone and a steady color that won’t fade.

The history of Morganite

Also known as vorobyevite or rose beryl, the morganite stone was first discovered in Madagascar in the early 20th century by George Kunz. The chief gemologist of Tiffany & Co. Kunz named the stone after J.P. Morgan, a gem aficionado himself. Morganite flew under the radar into the 21st century when its pink color and affordability compared to diamonds made it even more popular as an engagement ring stone. Many wearers love the color morganite pink that looks exquisite in a modern setting of rose gold. Those who love the pink diamond look worn by celebrities like Blake Lively and Anna Kournikova can consider morganite rings.

Not only cosmetic Morganite, but precious stones also regard it as divine love. Mythology says that the stone brings love, confidence, healing, and promise – all of the things that make a happy marriage!

How does morganite compare to diamond?

Morganite is an alternative to diamond when it comes to engagement rings, not only for its gorgeous pink beauty but also for its durability. On the Mohs hardness scale of 10 points (the test used to determine a stone’s scratch resistance), the score is 7.5 to 8. The diamond is worth 10th compared to this, which means it is treated with care and will last a lifetime.

Pink gems are also an affordable (but no less attractive) option. Medium quality Morganite – rich in color – costs about $ 300 per carat. The paler version can be smaller. In comparison, the average diamond price is more than $ 3,250 per carat. Pink diamonds (similar to Morganite) can be more expensive. Ironically, it is the scarcity of Morganite that makes gemstones relatively easy to obtain.

Why do we love morganite for engagement rings?

For non-traditional brides, this is a stone that won’t go out of style but still has a lot of charm. And since Morganite is so rare, you may be the only one or a friend of yours rocking a morganite engagement ring.

Morganite’s strong staying power makes it timeless, something to look for in a ring that promises a lifetime. And its beautiful color matches every setting – whether you prefer rose gold, gold, or platinum. You can also match your morganite engagement ring with other gemstones, including decorating it with engraved diamond paving. If you are looking to buy a beautiful morganite ring, then you can visit the alexandersparks.com website. We offer a great collection of morganite rings at an affordable price without compromising on finishing and presentation.