Winter Socks – How To Choose A Warm Sock

Shall we talk about winter socks?

In the cold of winter, just having a good shoe is not enough; you have to have a good winter sock inside. Protecting the ends is essential, so a good cap, a good glove and a good sock make all the difference.

Zipper Compression Socks

Anyone who wears a traditional UGG boot doesn’t have to worry about wearing socks since this boot was made to wear barefoot. Anyone who chooses to use another type of shoe – be it for fashion or personal taste – needs to know how to choose the right sock to keep their feet warm.

You may think that you just need to buy a thick sock, or put on a few layers of thin socks to protect myself from the cold.

Over time you will discover that the material of the sock makes all the difference to keep the feet warm.

One tip we will give you is to invest in good Zipper Compression Socks. It is better to have one or two pairs of quality socks than thirty pairs of loose socks.

Now we’ll tell you what favorite socks are:

Decathlon thermal winter socks

They have several types of socks (for all tastes, pockets and seasons).

You can buy ski socks that are soft and comfortable. Some are made of synthetic fibers and others have wool in their composition. You may prefer socks with 69% wool as it keeps my foot warm for a long time.

Winter socks made of wool and cashemere

Cashemere is a delicate and warm natural fiber, so socks made of this fiber are soft to the touch and keep the temperature of the feet well. They sell in several stores.

There are several models of different sizes. You may to buy a medium sock that would fit both with boots and short shoes. It costs € 7.95.